ACDC Challenge 2023

The ACDC Challenge 2023 on semantic perception in adverse visual conditions is up:

The challenge is organized in conjunction with our CVPR 2023 workshop Vision for All Seasons, it is based on the public ACDC benchmarks and it features five tracks. Two of these tracks pertain to tasks which are newly supported by ACDC, namely object detection and panoptic segmentation.

The five tracks:

  1. Normal-to-adverse domain adaptation of semantic segmentation on Cityscapes to ACDC
  2. Supervised semantic segmentation in adverse conditions
  3. Uncertainty-aware semantic segmentation
  4. Normal-to-adverse domain adaptation of object detection on Cityscapes to ACDC
  5. Supervised panoptic segmentation in adverse conditions

The challenge will run until June 7, 2023, and the winners will have the opportunity to present their methods in the workshop at CVPR.