Workshop at CVPR19

Invited Speakers


June 16 (Sunday) @ 102B.
Time Program
08:50 Opening Remarks
09:00 Invited Talk: Paul Newman (University of Oxford)
“Large Scale, Long Term Vision based localisation in all weathers for all places”
09:35 Invited Talk: Bill Freeman (MIT)
“Computer vision with the moon and the stars”
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 Invited Talk: Judy Hoffman (Facebook AI)
“Generalizing models to a diverse world” [ Slides ]
11:05 Poster Session: All accepted papers and abstracts
“The poster setup instructions and all papers can be found below this table”
12:15 Lunch Break
13:45 Invited Talk: Vishal M. Patel (Johns Hopkins University)
“Nighttime and Low-Light Face Recognition”
14:20 Oral Presentations
14:20: Mario Bijelic (Daimler AG & Ulm University)
“Automotive Sensor Performance in Adverse Weather”
14:32: Tobias Gruber (Daimler AG & Ulm University)
“Gated Imaging for Autonomous Driving in Adverse Weather”
14:44: Jonah Philion (iSee AI)
“FastDraw: Addressing the Long Tail of Lane Detection by Adapting a Sequential Prediction Network”
14:56: Li Ruoteng (NUS)
“Heavy Rain Image Restoration: Integrating Physics Model and Conditional Adversarial Learning”
15:08: Horia Porav (University of Oxford)
“Towards a canonical representation for robot vision under difficult conditions”
15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 Invited Talk: Srinivasa Narasimhan (CMU)
“Smart Illumination for Bad Weather”
16:05 Invited Talk: Daniel Cremers (TU Munich)
“Realtime visual SLAM and relocalization for all seasons”
16:40 Invited Talk: Oscar Beijbom (nuTonomy)
“3D detection across weathers, conditions, and locations: algorithms and benchmarks” [Slides]
17:15 Panel Discussion:
Panelists: Daniel Cremers, Srinivasa Narasimhan, Paul Newman, Vishal M. Patel


  1. Poster are for all accepted paper and abstracts;
  2. Poster boards in Pacific Arena Ballroom (main convention center);
  3. Poster number: #93:#106; Feel free to choose an available board in this number range.
  4. Note that posters cannot be put up prior to the session (11:05–12:15) and need to be removed following the session. This means, we put up our posters at 11:05, and we remove our posters after our session (removing after lunch break should be okay).

Accepted Abstracts

  1. Riccardo Volpi and Vittorio Murino. Model Vulnerability to Distributional Shifts over Image Transformation Sets.
  2. Yibiao Zhao and Jonah Philion. FastDraw: Addressing the Long Tail of Lane Detection by Adapting a Sequential Prediction Network.
  3. Mario Bijelic, Tobias Gruber, Werner Ritter, and Klaus Dietmayer. Automotive Sensor Performance in Adverse Weather.
  4. Tobias Gruber, Mario Bijelic, Werner Ritter, and Klaus Dietmayer. Gated Imaging for Autonomous Driving in Adverse Weather.
  5. Ruoteng Li, Loong-Fah Cheong, and Robby T. Tan. Heavy Rain Image Restoration: Integrating Physics Model and Conditional Adversarial Learning.

Accepted Short Papers

  1. Han-Kai Hsu, Wei-Chih Hung, Hung-Yu Tseng, Chun-Han Yao, Yi-Hsuan Tsai, Maneesh Singh, and Ming-Hsuan Yang. Progressive Domain Adaptation for Object Detection.
  2. Wayne Treible, Philip Saponaro, Yi Liu, Agnijit Das Gupta, Vinit Veerendraveer, Scott Sorensen, and Chandra Kambhamettu. CATS 2: Color And Thermal Stereo Scenes with Semantic Labels.
  3. Horia Porav, Valentina Musat, and Paul Newman. Reducing Steganography In Cycle-consistency GANs.
  4. Amitangshu Mukherjee, Ameya Joshi, Soumik Sarkar, and Chinmay Hegde. Attribute-Controlled Traffic Data Augmentation Using Conditional Generative Models.

Accepted Normal Papers

  1. Mario Bijelic, Paula Kysela, Tobias Gruber, Werner Ritter, Klaus Dietmayer. Recovering the Unseen: Benchmarking the Generalization of Enhancement Methods to RealWorld Data in Heavy Fog.
  2. Aruni RoyChowdhury, Prithvijit Chakrabarty, Ashish Singh, SouYoung Jin, Huaizu Jiang, Liangliang Cao, and Erik Learned-Miller. Automatic adaptation of object detectors to new domains using self-training.
  3. Guisik Kim, Jinhee Park, Suhyeon Ha, and Junseok Kwon. Bidirectional Deep Residual learning for Haze Removal.
  4. Joakim Bruslund Haurum, Chris H. Bahnsen, and Thomas B. Moeslund. Is it Raining Outside? Detection of Rainfall using General-Purpose Surveillance Cameras.
  5. Luan Tran, Kihyuk Sohn, Xiang Yu, Xiaoming Liu, and Manmohan Chandraker. Gotta Adapt ’Em All: Joint Pixel and Feature-Level Domain Adaptation for Recognition in the Wild . Supplementary Material.
  6. Samin Khan, Buu Phan, Rick Salay, and Krzysztof Czarnecki. ProcSy: Procedural Synthetic Dataset Generation Towards Influence Factor Studies Of Semantic Segmentation Networks.